Access to information and communications technologies is a basic human right, we are committed ensuring that our data and content can be accessed by all Australians. As part of this commitment we have developed the platform to inline with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, including special features for people who have may have visual, hearing, motor or cognitive impairments. If there is an instance when GENERATION does not meet your needs we would like to know about it so, we are able to continually improve our accessibility and share this important data with an even wider audience. Please contact us with specific needs or suggestions to do with accessing the website.

As a standard, we employ all the following methods to ensure our site is accessible to as many people as possible:

– Text on the site has been designed to be clear and easy to read.
– The website also allows the scaling of text through inbuilt browser content scaling.
– Pages can be read out loud to any visitor using the Browsealoud service.
– The website colour scheme is designed to meet minimum contrast requirements and colour be non critical to navigation.
– For the vision impaired all pictures and data visualisations have an alternative text description.
– We are committed to using Plain English for all content and navigation on the site.
– GENERATION does not use all-capitals for emphasis in body copy or titles.
– GENERATION can be viewed in a logical order when all styling is turned off Helping you make your computer easier to use.
– To make the content more acceptable for screen readers, GENERATION uses a hierarchy of heading markups i.e an h1 tag for main headings, h2 for secondary, h3 for subtitles.