GENERATION Wave 1 data was officially released on the 8th of November, 2023.

Data Stories
Data stories are research bites which highlight some key findings from the student and school context surveys. These data stories aim to provide a quick snapshot of some crucial research topics that GENERATION covers.

Accessing GENERATION Data
Find information about how to request access to GENERATION data using the Australian Data Archive (ADA) Dataverse:

Note: When you click the link, you will land on the GENERATION Dataverse or data file page. User guide, Data Dictionary and Questionnaire are all open to access; you can download them without logging in. However, you will have to log in with your ADA Dataverse credentials to request access to GENERATION data. If you do not have an account with the ADA, you can ‘sign up’ using the top right button of the navigation bar. You can then select and request data from your user account by clicking the ‘Request Access’ button. The Dataverse request form will ask you to respond to some basic questions. After submitting the request form, permission will be granted after due consideration.

Data User Guide
This is a reference tool for data users, providing information on how to use GENERATION data, survey methodology, file structure and variable naming conventions. Here, we also highlight crucial points about data management, access and analysis, such as survey weights, to help data analysts use the GENERATION data appropriately in their research.

Data Dictionary
The data dictionary produced by the Australian Data Archive (ADA) provides information about all variables in the GENERATION study over the course of the study, including variable names, variable labels, items, cohort, wave, and target populations.

Study Questionnaires
GENERATION student and school context survey questionnaires, with annotated variable names, can be found here.

Data linkages
Access more information about GENERATION data and how it is linked to other relevant databases. This resource also provides expert suggestions on how to navigate the datasets.

Note: Work is currently underway to link GENERATION data to NAPLAN scores, senior secondary subject results and information from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).

Using GENERATION questions in other studies
This page provides information about what to do and who to contact if you want to use questions from the GENERATION survey in your own study. The data user guide also provides detailed information about using GENERATION data.